Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

Uses of  Wrinkle Relaxants

Wrinkle treatment relaxes the facial muscles giving a smooth, fresher look.

It is perfect for those patients who have signs of facial ageing such as forehead furrows and crow’s feet. These lines can be minimised to a significant extent, and in some cases completely erased.

For many people, wrinkle relaxing treatments represents their first experience in non-surgical aesthetics. It is quick and effective, with excellent results and virtually no downtime.

Botox™ injections are currently the most popular cosmetic procedure with over 1.6 million Botox™ injections being performed last year.

When correctly applied by an expert hand, Botox™ should look natural and give results to make you look fresh and uplifted.

The treatment is administered via a tiny fine needle and even patients with the worst of needle phobias have been surprised at how easy and how minimal the discomfort actually is.

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Your Consultation

All patients receive a thorough face-to-face consultation, as individuals require differing amounts of Botox™ in the different facial muscles to achieve the look that they want. ...
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Areas of the Body Botox™ can be Administered include Face, Eyes, Mouth, Jaw, Neck, Chest and Underarms. Find out more about the other uses of Botox™ and safety assurances ...
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