Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

As we grow older we lose our youthful facial plumpness and shape, Dermal fillers give immediate, natural and long-lasting results. In the hands of an experienced practioner they are a safe and natural way to soften deep lines, and replace volume into the facial contours creating a more youthful appearance.

Areas on the face such as the nose to mouth lines or the marionette lines (the downward lines from the corner of the mouth) can be treated individually with amazing results.

Dermal Fillers are a Perfect Choice for both women & men seeking…

  • Immediate visible results
  • Skin revitalisation & firmness through natural collagen stimulation
  • Reshapes & contours
  • Natural & fresh look
  • Long-lasting effects avoiding multiple sessions to maintain the result
  • Cost effective treatment


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Which areas can Dermal Fillers Treat?

Eye Hollows | Tear Trough

Amanda Hewlett has been specially trained to treat the eye hollow beneath the eye using a tiny needle and/or cannula. This area is treated to brighten the tired looking under eye area This treatment can give beautiful natural results when done by an experienced trained practitioner.

Cheeks | Mid Face

Cheeks can be subtly enhanced to create a more defined elegant cheekbone. Soft volume in the lower cheeks and nose to mouth lines can be treated, creating a softer more ‘lifted’ and youthful appearance.


Lips can be subtly enhanced, to give more definition and volume ‘Smokers lines’ above and below the lips can be enhanced. A down turned mouth can be subtly lifted for amazing results.

Mandible Lines

As we age our mouths tend to drop at the corners creating a line from the mouth corner, in a downward direction leaving us looking sad. This area when treated with an expert hand can give amazing results and can also be combined with treatment of the Jawline, to create a tighter more youthful looking jawline.


All of these treatments can be booked as an individual treatment or a multitude of areas can be treated together

dermal filler 8 point lift

8 Point Lift

The amazing ‘8 point lift’ can be used to give an overall facial lift, hydration of the skin and create an overall softening of features, without having to ‘go under the knife’!

The use of special dermal fillers under the eyes can aid hydration and add elasticity and firmness to the skin, having a lightening effect on under eye ‘tired circles’ and bags.

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